Saturday, June 25, 2011

We Made It!

We have landed in Shanghai for step #1!  We left our house and headed out for the 1pm flight to Chicago.  No seats left! So we waited around for the 5pm flight because our luggage made it and would sit there until we got there.  We found out the airlines will not forward the 8 bags to Shanghai until we get there and request they forward them.  Uh-oh.  The LA flight had a ton of seats open but now we're committed to go through Chicago.  The last direct flight had 3 seats on it -- but there was still a connection through Miami that had enough seats for the boys and I to get to Chicago in time for the Shanghai flight! 

Praise God for my job with American Airlines that we can all fly around the world for free!  So, we mostly got seats together and made it to Shanghai.  We were met at the airport by some Christian friends that are "English teachers", they got us on the subway to their apt for a great meal and a super night's rest.  Church this morning - it's easy to be on time when you wake up at 3:15am! Train to Nanjing this afternoon, we get to meet Liam tonight or tomorrow morning, and then Keane on Thursday! 

Yes the train to Nanjing.  We're cutting all cost for this trip so we could afford to bring the boys. They raised enough money selling puppies and books online to pay the extra cost for having them along for the experience.    Another praise to God that I have an adventurous wife that is willing to ride on the train across China (even in an overnight sleeper car) to keep expenses down.  Our older boys will be helping at the Shanghai healing home on the way home. We went there yesterday and what sweet babies.  We all gave them lots of love and we wanted to bring them all home.

We can't believe that we will be meeting Liam tomorrow.  Praying that he will be able to love us quickly, and that we can help him grieve for what he has left behind.


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