Thursday, June 30, 2011

And here's Keane!

Another gotcha day in China!  We got Keane -- as soon as we got to Guangzhou, we dropped our luggage at the lobby and went straight to the civil affairs office - he was waiting there with his friend and the director of his orphanage.  We still had to do the paperwork "prior" to seeing him or spending any time with hiim - it was pretty funny - like we couldn't see each other in the "get your baby room"! Very funny.  Keane brought gifts for all his brothers and sisters! He didn't even have a toothbrush, but he managed to have jello things, toy push cars and some fruit for everyone!  Wow! (And people actually think he is the lucky one).

Can you tell he fits right in?


  1. OMG!!! Such wonderful pictures!!! I'm so excited for all of you. Such a wonderful Gotcha day!
    Congratulations! Such a terrific young man and wonderful brother.
    Gifts to China With Love

  2. Jenn,

    Thank you for getting these posted. We've all been so excited to see your family together!! Congrats on a successsful trip! Keep those pics coming. I got good news today too. Our son Junchi knows we are on our way and we got LID. We are on your heels....

  3. Look at that smile! That is priceless!
    Congrats on both of your beautiful boys!
    Have a blessed trip,

  4. Amazing! Does he speak some English? Wow your whole family able to go to China! What a lifetime experience!! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey. -Leanne from UT