Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We were so excited as a family to be starting this adoption journey again to bring home a child under 3. Stefani at CHI found our little boy, Liam, quickly through the shared list for us -- before we were even logged in.

During this loooong wait I would read the stories of these older children, who so desperately wanted a family. It broke my heart to read their stories and I advocated for them on the yahoo groups and our blog. We prayed for these children and rejoiced when they found their forever families. We cried as we watched so many loose that chance. God was changing our hearts as a family. So, just last week, as we were driving to church on Sunday, I received the first message from Sheri and Katherine (with Gifts To China With Love) about a 14 year old boy, and how he longed to have a family. His time was running out and in a few short weeks he would turn 14 and his chance for a family would end. I uploaded his pictures to my phone and prayed, "Lord, find him a family."

He needed a family that could be in China by July 1st and that family would have to start the process in the next few days. My heart broke for this boy, he had waited for a family for so long and had watched so many others find their mama and baba. I shared his story at church and continued to pray. We talked about him as a family and then two days later during dinner I said,"Do you think that this boy is our son?" All of our 6 children were saying yes, as my husband talked about all the things to consider about adopting an older child. Our family who at the beginning of this adoption journey had only considered a child under 3 were now begging to please bring home a 14 year old. God had opened our hearts towards adopting an older child and not any older child, specifically our son Keane. We are all so excited to be bringing this great boy home. We were not planning on two children at once, and we still need to raise the money for Keane's adoption in just a few short weeks. We are trusting God and know His plans are always perfect.

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