Friday, June 17, 2011

GOD is so GOOD!

Twins with 12 years between them will soon be our sons!  Isn't that great?  Jenn and I are so excited to be meeting our 1 and 13 year olds next week!!!  We wanted to get on here and post specifically a thank you to everyone that has so generously and tirelessly supported us throughout all of this.  We truly could not have done this without support from so many of you out there - some that we don't even know.

We are up to almost $14,000 out of the $17,000 goal.

This was a total leap of faith for us - we had no idea where the money would come  from to cover the added expense of the second adoption; but we know God and that he owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  We have been overwhelmed with messages, prayer and donations from all around the world.  I have been personally convicted that I have not been as generous with "my" finances as I could have been at times in the past - I see clearly how they are actually "HIS" finances that I'm managing for a while in order to grow His Kingdom.  This has really been humbling for me to see donations from under five dollars up to thousands of dollars come in from friends and friends of friends and others that have "stumbled" upon our blog that we've not met yet.

I also want to thank all of you that have been silently praying for us.  Your job isn't over!!!! Long row to hoe in the McQuade garden when we get back.  We'd like you to keep praying (for about 17 years or so) - right now our family is praying that Liam is happy and healthy and that we'll have his special needs repaired without any issues.  More so, we are very specifically praying that God is softening Keane's heart toward his new brothers and sisters and mama and baba.  It may seem that meal times will be the same as at the orphanage with a big table, big pots of pea soup and a bench seat, but for the most part that little guy's life is about to change in a way that I can't even fathom.  Everything he's known his entire life is about to change - everything. One of our daughters had a lot of difficulty attaching/bonding to our family because of her experiences in her orphanage prior to being adopted at 16 months old.  Our family has grown a lot through the process of her healing, and it has opened our eyes to the reality of what these children go through. Please pray the God would give us grace to be patient, wise, consistent, insightful, diligent and most of all loving in a tender way that would speak to Keane's heart and break down any walls of reservation that would prevent him from totally surrendering to our love and ultimately God's love through us.

Thanks so much to everyone, and God gets all the Glory!

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