Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pray this guy gets a forever family!!!

Friends - Please pray for this almost 14 year old. He "ages out" on July 1st and becomes "un-adoptable due to age" in 31 days. Here is the post from his advocates:

"I made a call to Hui Zhou SWI.They asked how much donation they would like to pay? They said it is fine for reduce the donation.They want to help the boy. Last time he asked Ms Luo about the his adoption family. He almost cry and feel sad that he cannot be adopted after 14 years old. Ms Luo feel sad and want to help him."

"He likes singing very much. The party of children's day this year, he is going to sing a song for friends. He is healthy. Seldom get a cold."

And here was her 2nd message. She apparently called the orphanage again after the message above:

"Here is the message from the orphanage. The director said they are welcome for any amount of the donation. They just want the boy to have a happy life.
He likes singing and playing the badminton. His heart surgery was success. He is very healthy now. He would like to be adopted. He would like to have the love from Baba and Mama."

What a tremendously handsome young man!H.P. will turn 14 on July 1.
This will end his chance to find the family he so desperately desires,
as children in China "age out" of the adoption process when they turn 14.
Once he ages out, H.P. will have to leave the orphanage with no means of support, no home, and no future.

HP was born with a congenital heart defect that has been corrected. He is essentially healthy. HP's orphanage, in GuangDong Province, is very intent on finding this young man a home. They know how much he longs for a family. They have asked Katherine & Sheri, co-owners of Gifts to China with Love, to help HP find a home.

Katherine resides in China and would be able to help you with further info about HP. To request more info, contact Katherine and Sheri. China now allows the adoption of 2 children at once using the same dossier for both children. Very often an orphanage will waive the orphanage donation
for children who are about to age out. HP would need a family who will be in China soon to pick up a their 1st child. Wouldn't he make a great 2nd adoption!


Please pray for us this Saturday, as we work on our final fundraiser to bring Liam home. We are partnering with Lifesong For Orphans and The Both Hands Foundation. We will be working on a widow's home here in our town and are praying we can bless Mrs V and raise the necessary funds to travel. We are so blessed to have so many people helping us with this fundraiser, praying for us and giving financially. We praise God for his goodness!