Friday, June 17, 2011

I-800 Approval Today - Nat'l Visa Center and Guangzhou tomorrow!

While we were putting up the crib for Liam, we got an email from USCIS.

This is the paper we've been waiting for for the last two weeks! Our officer gave us same day approval, emailed the PDF copy to the Nat'l Visa Center who will forward the I-800 approval (797) to the Guangzhou Consulate later on today.  So our paperwork will be in China in less than 24 hours.  If you're not familiar, this getting to China in time to adopt Keane was one of the long poles in the tent.  Well it looks like that HUGE HURDLE is behind us. 

-Thanks to all the US Govt workers that beat the standard processing time.
-Thanks to Heidi at Children's House who drove in to work at 1:30 in the morning to fax stuff to China that they needed at the start of all this.
-Thanks to the orphanage director who was part of the advocating process to make Keane's situation known.
-Thanks to my wife who manages to keep it all together and run a full household: from diaper changing to summer schooling at the Rhetoric level.
-Thanks be to God for the lessons we're all learning about how He is involved even in the details.


  1. WOO!!! HOO!!! I knew you would make it with plenty of time to spare!!!

  2. Woohoo!!! Again, God is sooooo good!!!! What an amazing story to tell your sons some day. I've been holding my breath and waiting to see this post!

    Congratulations on one more step down, on the journey to your precious sons.

    Sheri and Katherine...aka...God's messengers of love. ;o)
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