Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome Home Party For Keane And Liam

Our Amazing friends had a welcome home party for Keane and Liam this week. These are the same families that did so much to help us with, The Both Hands fundraiser. We are blown away by each families generosity and love. We had told Keane the story of the true miracle it was to bring him home and that so many people were praying for him. We are so blessed!!

Keane and Liam had a great time at the party. Liam loved all the yummy food and enjoyed being chased around. Keane wanted to make sure I had his American flag shirt washed for the party, which makes my heart smile and I told him to definitely bring his yo-yo. Keane is really good at doing all kinds of yo-yo tricks. When he was in China he brought one black glove with him, and we asked him, Michael Jackson, and he said nooo! He kept pushing his hand up and down. He finally showed us in one of the stores in Guangzhou, that he can yo-yo, and really well,so we left the store with a fancy yo-yo. This kid is really fantastic at it, and we were wondering if they give any kind of yo-yo scholarships.LOL He put on a great performance at the party. The funny thing is the director of his orphanage said he was really an intovert,which is soooo far from the truth. Just look at the pictures.

Reflecting On God's Goodness

The weeks seem to be flying by.  Keane is doing so well, I know it must be so hard for him at times when we are all talking, and he isn't understanding much of the conversation.  We are continuing to use the translator, but it isn't the same as just talking and speaking the same language.  His English continues to improve and he was actually reading some English today.  The first few weeks he didn't know the days of the week, or how to tell time,so things are improving.

One of the problems we were having was he didn't want to do much as far as working around the house or doing any kind of outside work in the yard.  He also was not too excited about reading or any type of school work.  I know the love of learning is a thing that comes from being nurtured, and it breaks my heart to see him only want to play video games or get on the computer.  That is slowly changing and he has been up in our tree fort,out on the swing and he does love the pool.  Our other guys have been playing connect 4 with him and teaching him to play chess.  He loves TV and was amazed that we didn't have one.  We do have movies on the screen projector,but no TV.  Tonight Mike and I had to go out to a homeschool meeting and Mike gave him two pages of math problems to work on. We were so thrilled to get home, and he had them completed and was quite happy about it. He scrubbed pots in the kitchen this week and even worked outside with all of us.  He is always the happiest kiddo,just don't ask him to work.  We really are making great progress in this area, and I think he is beginning to really see what it looks like to be in a family.  The good,bad and the ugly.

We do devotions every morning as a family and Keane has been reading along in his bible.  The first few weeks home, he would find this time to be good for getting a little extra rest, but now he follows along and Rylan our oldest son will translate what is being said, using the translator.  As Presbyterians we baptize our babies,symbolizing their entrance and full membership in the church, and being a part of God's covenant family.  Keane knew he was a part of our family,but now we are teaching him that he truly belongs to a bigger family, The church,God's family. We told him he could not partake in communion until he was baptized, and at first he didn't really want to partake.  The day he was baptized I really think he understood the bigger picture of the church and the covenant and that he belongs.  He gladly took communion with the body of Christ throughout the world that day.  He asks to pray for meals now and is beginning to sing the songs at church. We are trusting in God's promises for Keane and Liam and the rest of our children, He is faithful!!! 

                                               Our Sunday Bakery Stop Before Church


Monday, August 1, 2011

The Last few Weeks

Sorry it has been so long since I posted,but we have been busy with life.  Keane and Liam are doing fantastic.  Keane loves his American name and is such a joy.  He has been to the beach twice and starts guitar lessons this week.  We have a Christian Chinese tutor coming to the house twice a week and Keane is learning English quickly.  He was able to connect with his friend from his orphanage that was adopted last year, and they talked to each other on the phone today.  He calls his friends in China on skype, and we are amazed how happy he is.  He is now our official phone answerer, and everyone who calls knows it is Keane and he loves it.

Liam is funny,outgoing and a big tease.  He has the greatest belly laugh ever and loves to be chased and tickled.  Some how we got the two easiest, happiest kiddos ever.

We have had a few issues when it comes to work and reading, which Keane does not find to be the most enjoyable activities.  Today he asked Rylan to read sitting next to him while he read, and that worked out great. He is amazed that we work out in the yard in 90 degree heat,but he worked along side Mike and they got some yard work done.  We are doing well using the translator and telling him why it is important to work before play and that reading will allow him to learn so much.  I don't think he was pushed to work or to do his school work in China or maybe he was told we Americans sit around and relax all day. He is super neat though and cleans up after himself.  He now knows to clear his plate after dinner and help all the boys with the dishes. Keane said he had never taken a bath before and now he has taken a bath every night since we got home.  He is super sweet and caring.  One of our boys was crying about a writing assignment that needed to be turned in and Keane came over and gave him a glass of water and a tissue.  He has also told Mike and I, I love you in English,which melts my heart. He made me the best card ever for my birthday with pictures of he and I, and it said, I love you!! I still can't believe what a great kiddo he is, God has truly blessed us!!!  He is so perfect for our family.

Mike's parents came to visit from Alabama and Keane was so excited to meet them.  He played cards with Nanny and swam in the pool with Papa everyday.  He can now make it all the way across the pool without having to be saved in the deep end.  Keane has a great sense of humor, and we are starting to have jokes among ouselves that he gets, and we all do a lot of laughing, plus the charades we all do to communicate is always commical.  I'm sure he can't believe what a crazy family he has.