Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome Home Party For Keane And Liam

Our Amazing friends had a welcome home party for Keane and Liam this week. These are the same families that did so much to help us with, The Both Hands fundraiser. We are blown away by each families generosity and love. We had told Keane the story of the true miracle it was to bring him home and that so many people were praying for him. We are so blessed!!

Keane and Liam had a great time at the party. Liam loved all the yummy food and enjoyed being chased around. Keane wanted to make sure I had his American flag shirt washed for the party, which makes my heart smile and I told him to definitely bring his yo-yo. Keane is really good at doing all kinds of yo-yo tricks. When he was in China he brought one black glove with him, and we asked him, Michael Jackson, and he said nooo! He kept pushing his hand up and down. He finally showed us in one of the stores in Guangzhou, that he can yo-yo, and really well,so we left the store with a fancy yo-yo. This kid is really fantastic at it, and we were wondering if they give any kind of yo-yo scholarships.LOL He put on a great performance at the party. The funny thing is the director of his orphanage said he was really an intovert,which is soooo far from the truth. Just look at the pictures.

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