Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Keane and Liam at the Cardiologist

Keane and Liam both have a VSD, a hole in the ventricle of their heart. We knew of this before we adopted them, but were not sure how big Liam's hole was. The report also stated that he may have a tumor near the valve. Keane had a very large hole 1.5 cm that was repaired when he was 8 years old in China. After we met with the cardiologist and they read the ultra sound pictures, they told us that both boys have the exact same type of membranous heart condition, and that the hole was almost in the exact place.

Praise God both boys will not need surgery. The Dr said the open heart surgery that Keane had through the Tomorrow Plan in China was done correctly, and that he will not need to come back for another two years. Liam still has the 4mm hole,but the Dr was still hopeful that it may close on its own. He has to go back for a check up in a year.

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