Monday, August 15, 2011

Reflecting On God's Goodness

The weeks seem to be flying by.  Keane is doing so well, I know it must be so hard for him at times when we are all talking, and he isn't understanding much of the conversation.  We are continuing to use the translator, but it isn't the same as just talking and speaking the same language.  His English continues to improve and he was actually reading some English today.  The first few weeks he didn't know the days of the week, or how to tell time,so things are improving.

One of the problems we were having was he didn't want to do much as far as working around the house or doing any kind of outside work in the yard.  He also was not too excited about reading or any type of school work.  I know the love of learning is a thing that comes from being nurtured, and it breaks my heart to see him only want to play video games or get on the computer.  That is slowly changing and he has been up in our tree fort,out on the swing and he does love the pool.  Our other guys have been playing connect 4 with him and teaching him to play chess.  He loves TV and was amazed that we didn't have one.  We do have movies on the screen projector,but no TV.  Tonight Mike and I had to go out to a homeschool meeting and Mike gave him two pages of math problems to work on. We were so thrilled to get home, and he had them completed and was quite happy about it. He scrubbed pots in the kitchen this week and even worked outside with all of us.  He is always the happiest kiddo,just don't ask him to work.  We really are making great progress in this area, and I think he is beginning to really see what it looks like to be in a family.  The good,bad and the ugly.

We do devotions every morning as a family and Keane has been reading along in his bible.  The first few weeks home, he would find this time to be good for getting a little extra rest, but now he follows along and Rylan our oldest son will translate what is being said, using the translator.  As Presbyterians we baptize our babies,symbolizing their entrance and full membership in the church, and being a part of God's covenant family.  Keane knew he was a part of our family,but now we are teaching him that he truly belongs to a bigger family, The church,God's family. We told him he could not partake in communion until he was baptized, and at first he didn't really want to partake.  The day he was baptized I really think he understood the bigger picture of the church and the covenant and that he belongs.  He gladly took communion with the body of Christ throughout the world that day.  He asks to pray for meals now and is beginning to sing the songs at church. We are trusting in God's promises for Keane and Liam and the rest of our children, He is faithful!!! 

                                               Our Sunday Bakery Stop Before Church


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  1. How beautiful that he is connecting with his "bigger family." My heart always does a leap at baptisms, both my children's and others. Veronica will be baptized Sept. 11th. I am so excited to watch the Holy Spirit move in her, too, like it has affected Keane.