Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Eamon

My baby boy turned "12" today. I am never ready for any of our children to have another birthday and turn another year older,but I know it is a reality I need to deal with. God is growing Eamon into such a wonderful young man. He is always excited about life, rarely complains and is always happy to play with his sisters. I remember holding him all day when he was a baby, because I thought he may be my last little one,and he was for a long time. He was my only one born at home and we moved from Arizona to New Jersey when he was only days old. This kid has learned to be flexable, as we moved all over the country and to Europe and back before he turned 9. He would always try to keep up with his three older brothers, and we would end up finding him curled up asleep somewhere. I cherish so many memories and love to look at pictures when all the boys were small. God has given Eamon a heart that is patient and loving and as I watch God direct the lives of our two older boys I can only wait in anticipation to see what direction God has planned for Eamon. What a gift we have been given and we are truly blessed.

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