Friday, April 8, 2011


This is starting out to be a great weekend. Stefani from Children's House sent us pictures this morning of our cutie pie. We are so blessed to receive this update with new measurements. God is growing our little guy ,and he is now doubled in height and weight. PRAISE GOD. He is not only standing,but it looks like he is running.

Please continue to pray for Liam, as his report does say he has a tumor forming in a valve of his heart, but we won't know much more until we can get him home. We trust in an awesome God that can move mountains,heal the sick and comfort the lonely. We know God has chosen Liam for us before the beginning of time and he has a purpose for his life, and we are so excited it involves us. We have been chosen to love,care and most importantly teach Liam about Christ and his unending mercy and grace. It is humbling when I think of all that this entails for all 7 of our children that God has given us. These children are not even ours, but HIS children. Only with Gods grace can I even approach this daunting task of raising each treasure for the glory of God. What an amazing privilege it is.

We are soooo excited that in a few months we will be holding our sweet Liam and what joy he will bring to our family.

I think they gave him a nice buzz cut for the pictures.

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