Friday, April 1, 2011

Tornados and Camping Trips

This is our 2nd year attending the Hope Homeschoolers annual camping trip to Hillsbourough State Park. We had horrible storms and tornados the day before we were to be packed up to leave for the weekend. I had a list of things to get done and of course Mike was gone. The day started out great,put in my first load of laundry, was planning my grocery list and planning to take all the clothes and supplies out to the camper to load it up for the weekend. First I had to get all the kiddos started with school. We are all sitting at the table and the sky starts to get black I mean really black,so I get on the computer to look at the weather and see tornado warnings and watches for our area. We keep doing school, but it was getting darker and the wind was picking up. I decide it may be a good idea for all of us to get in the bathroom, that was the only room in the house with no windows, and is an interior room. Hadyn can't resist bringing in a large plate of chocolate chip cookies and I grab the computer. I get the weather up and then we loose power. We are all sitting on the bathroom floor and we hear the wind howling and trees crashing down in the backyard, then it got quiet. Without power the house was still really dark from the black storm clouds and without internet we had no idea if the storms were over. We could see limbs of trees all over the yard outside. It was pouring rain all day and our driveway looked like a river. We waited for a few hours and still no power,so we decided to venture out to get something for dinner. The roads looked like war zones with trees,powerlines down and debris everywhere. After traveling out to the main road about a mile it looked like nothing had happened, and all the businesses where open with electricity. We later found out that a tornado had traveled by only a few blocks from our house. The power finally came on about 9pm,but still no phone or internet. The packing for the camping trip and the laundry machine started about 10pm. We got a message that the campground did not have electricity and a lot of the sights were flooded. Families began to cancel,but our site was dry and we would just bring our generator for electricity. The camping trip and fellowship were wonderful and all of our children were so glad we didn't cancel. It turned out to be a great weekend without rain.

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