Thursday, March 10, 2011


We were officially logged in on March 7th. Now we are praying for a quick LOA (letter of acceptance) It is taking between 30-70 days from LID to LOA, so now we wait some more.

We also heard back from Liam's orphanage that they will only send updates and pictures through the CCAA. Our agency has just sent another request. I'm not sure if the last request made it to the orphanage or not, as the CCAA is busy. Praying the orphanage gets this request and they send the update.

Here is the picture that a family just took when they toured Liam's orphanage. Liam is the little guy in the back on the right. We are so thankful for this picture, as we can see that Liam is standing in his crib. We were concerned that he may have trouble bearing weight on his legs, so to see him holding on to the crib was so wonderful. We know this is the little guy God has chosen for us and can not wait to hold and love him. We have been looking into issues with growth hormone difficency,because he is so small and off the charts in both height and weight. We want to be educated on this before we bring him home. Liam has several midline health concerns and low height and weight can also be part of that. I keep looking at this picture and wondering what his peronality is like and how he will fit in with our crazy clan. None of our children are quiet and calm,so I'm not expecting that. Poor Hope was probably the calmest and she just has had to put up with all of us,although she is getting more spunky especially now that she turned three. I love how each child brings their own dynamic to our family and I am so thankful for all the gifts God gives each child.

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