Monday, March 21, 2011

A Long Adventure

We couldn't just be satisfied with going to Clearwater Beach. We really all wanted more of an adventure,it is spring break. Since we can fly for free with Mike's job why not fly to San Juan for the day and go to the beach there. So,we are all up at 4am ready for a day in Puerto Rico. We catch the direct flight and are on the beach before noon. We are having a blast and even have time to relax at Starbucks before heading back to the airport for our 8pm departure. When we arrive at the gate we find a plane has broken and there are now 160 people in front of us. By 10pm it is not looking good,so we grab some food at Wendy's and tell our sob story to some maintenance workers. They tell us to go back into the airport and wait at the gate and they will be able to help us out. All the hotels on the island are booked, because of the iron man triathlon being held all weekend, they also said the chances of getting on a flight tomorrow didn't look good, as all the cruise ships come in tomorrow. We make it back to the gate and are joined by 40 other people, who are also stranded at the airport. A gate agent came by and showed us how to flip rows of chairs and turn them into beds. Then the maintenance guys showed up with a few cots,blankets and food. What a great way to end the day!!! We did eventually make it out,but had to fly 8 hours to LA and then took the red eye from there to Miami and then hopped on a quick flight to Tampa. Our day trip turned into 3 days,but it was an adventure.

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