Thursday, March 10, 2011

Help Find A Family For Qiong

Beautiful Qiong (pronounced Chiong)
Qiong was born in September of 1997.
She will age out this year when she turns 14...
forever losing her chance for a forever family.

Here's what is written about Qiong:

August 4th, 1999 – a 2-year-old girl sits along the roadside and waits for her parents….
The little girl tries to stand, but stumbles and falls. She has rickets, and her crooked legs make it difficult for her to walk, let alone stand.

Two locals happen upon the frightened child. They pick her up and scan the nearby marketplace for a clue, any trace of the person who has left her behind. They take her to the local police station. After an extensive search fails to locate the child’s parents, she is brought to the Social Welfare Institute. With no note left beside her on the roadside, she enters the orphanage with nothing but a pretty white coat wrapped around her, blue shorts and the petite red shoes on her feet.
She is given the name Qiong. And a birthday: September 30th, 1997.

At age 5, Qiong can walk, run and jump with great ease, her rickets all but healed. She likes cooking meals with the help of her caregivers and enjoys reciting simple Chinese folk rhymes. Her favorite rhyme is, “Little Tadpole Looking for Mamma.” “Little tadpoles are looking for their mamma,” she delivers with great pride. “Little tadpoles are looking for their mamma.”

On September 30th, Qiong turns 14 and loses her international adoption eligibility. Six months from now, Qiong’s hope of having a family of her own will be lost forever.
“All I want is a family,” Qiong says. “Just a family.”
A 13-year-old girl sits on the steps of her school, waiting for a family……

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