Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Pediatrician

We had to get health certificates for everyone in the house for our home study - standard practice for the US. So we loaded everyone up and went to our superappointment - this was in Sept, I think. If my boys hadn't been there, Grace (now 5) would have easily been the oldest child there. So Hadyn (13) and Eamon (11) were definitely standouts in height and age. And I'm sure my reaction to my paper toga, was remarkable as well. I wasn't in the room with them and I couldn't pull off getting a picture of either of me; but the ped's comment was something like, "you aren't used to examinations, are you?". There was a lot of hand pushing and "Oh my's" from me, that wore two pairs of shorts and some sweats. If that weren't enough, Rylan and Curran met us there after some college classes. I think the receptionist thought they might have been applying for a job or something. I was able to get pictures of them in their paper togas - Curran had the rubber glove on his head for a while, then made a balloon for Grace out of it. What a trip. Yes, doctor, they've had all the shots they need.....

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