Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our package is on it's way to Liam

We just received this picture of what we will be sending to Liam from Red Thread. He should get it on Monday and then the orphanage will know Liam has a Mommy and Daddy coming to bring him home. This will also help prepare him for leaving everything he has ever known behind. It is all becoming real to us now and we are all excited to be adding another blessing to our family. He is only one of the many millions of orphans around the world that so desperately need a family,but Liam's life will be changed forever and so will ours.

I am following a blog now of a family bringing home two older girls and they got the most amazing letter from one of their daughters. You can read the letter here. Adoption has changed us as a family and we need to advocate for these precious children who don't have a voice. Praying more people will open their hearts and homes to orphans and lives will be changed.

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