Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Help Fund Liam's Adoption

After the first two adoptions, we're pretty much tapped out. While I can add to our adoption fund a little via our monthly budget, we've decided this time around to raise funds through several different avenues. We are selling coaster tiles that we make ourselves - see the picture and get an idea of what they look like. Set of 4 is around $20 at the craft websites.

We're also raising "essentially organic" broiler chickens. We're hoping to sell them to local healthy-eaters - we'll have 47 of the 8 pound birds ready for pickup in a couple weeks. We'll keep you posted on what the proceeds look like from that venture! Maybe I'll add some pix of all the "fun" the boys and I have been having as chicken farmers. Maybe not.

Lastly, I've added a button in the top right corner of this blog for people to make straight donations via the DONATE button. However you choose to support us - with prayer, with financial support, or by passing our blog along to your email/ facebook/ other friends - know that you'll be directly contributing to getting Liam home as soon as possible. Praise God for your support!

Our goal is to get Liam home quickly and to ENCOURAGE other people to adopt. We're hoping that by being totally transparent about the finances involved in this adoption, it will encourage other people to do what we're doing and allow all the people that aren't specifically led to adopt a child into their home still help support the process by providing the funds necessary for the people that are able and ready to open up their homes. One of the main stoppers for us this time around has been the financial aspect of it. While funding an adoption one chicken or one set of tiles at a time may seem like building a skyscraper with Legos, I believe in a big God and I'm excited to see what big things He has in store for us all. I'll report His faithfulness here on the blog so please check back often.

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