Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kitchen Duty

How great was it to come home to find that our dear friends that were feeding our dogs, cats, inside rodents and outside chickens not only had hung welcome home banners is everyone's room, but they had also seriously done some major deep cleaning on our house.  Jenn keeps it really neat and clean all the time, but our friends did the stuff we don't normally do very often. They washed the walls, cleaned all the floorboards, wiped all the slats on all the blinds (like 50,000 of them), lots of other stuff AND had MEALS ready to cook in our spic and span totally cleaned refrigerator.  They even cleaned the overflow fridge in the garage.  How awesome is that? All of y'all that have friends that you're trying to figure out how to serve - this was seriously indentured servitude type service! We have been majorly blessed. Sorry no pix of the fridge, you'd think I was selling it. :) And we already ate the yummy meals.

1 comment:

  1. What great friends! Been thinking and praying for your family.
    Kippi in MN with 6 beautiful children - 2 from China