Monday, February 14, 2011

Help Sweet Angelina Find Her Family

Angelina was just found and sent to the orphanage recently. She has taught herself to walk and needs a family who can love her and provide her with the medical care she needs. Praying for this little one that she will find her family soon. She is listed on the Children's House individual list. This is what was written about her by the orphanage staff in China.

Angelina cares for the younger children and is able to take care and protect them. Meanwhile, she is a helper to the caregivers, for example, when seeing other children sleeping, she would cover them with a quilt. She helps younger children with whatever they need and is so caring and gentle. She is also able to feed younger children congee or help the caregivers dry and put away clothes.”

Angelina may have legs that are bent and twisting and eyelids that droop, but she has a heart and will of IRON. This child will undoubtedly be a teacher among those she meets. She absolutely needs a family to help transform her body, but it will likely be Angelina that transforms the soul of the family.

Families with access to treatment at Shriner’s Hospitals for Children or children’s hospitals with orthopedic programs can change the whole course of this gentle child’s life. .

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