Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Great Week

This has been a great week. We received USCIS approval on Monday after waiting 60 days and today our last piece of paperwork was notarized and sent to the courier. It was such a great feeling to finally be handing over all the paperwork we have been trying to get finished over the past 4 months. It will go to the State department then to the Chinese Embassy and then sent to CHI (our agency) in Washington State. Hopefully by next week it will be on it's way to China. Then we wait some more for our letter of acceptance.

I am planning on getting Liam's room ready over the next few months. Grace and Hope's playroom will now be Liam's room. The pink and purple walls will have to be painted and I'm not sure we will keep the pink castle rug. We got some cute little clothes from our friends hanging in his closet now and a couple pairs of cute shoes. I love going in that room now and opening the closet. Grace and Hope keep asking me everyday, "Are we going to China today?" They pray for Liam every night and for all the children in China who need a Daddy and Mommy, it is so wonderful to see their hearts wanting to help others.

The girls are so much fun and they play great together now. I'm wondering how this new dynamic will look with Liam in the mix. I think poor Liam might have to put up with having 3 mothers,but at least he will get lots of love and attention.

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